Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Peter's Birthday

This last weekend Peter turned 27! We celebrated the big day by going to a footy match with friends Matt and Lauren. We had planned to go to brunch earlier in the day, but Peter had a cold all last week and was content with just staying in until the game, so the only meal we ended up eating out was at McDonald's just before the game- fancy!
When we first moved here everyone asked which AFL team we were supporting. It's a seriously big deal here in Melbourne, but we had no obvious allegiance given that Southbank (our little area of the city) doesn't have a team. We decided on the Richmond Tigers, as they're decent and not too far from us. Everyone wears their team scarves to the games, so I got Peter one for his birthday.

We had only been to the Melbourne Cricket Ground once before so it was fun to be back. The place apparently holds 100,000 people. 
I took this picture off of snapchat of us waiting for the game to start. It was COLD. probably about 50 degrees, but it was pretty windy and it felt a lot colder than that to us. 
The traditional footy game experience consists of beer and a meat pie for dinner. I don't like beer much, so I left that to Peter, but I did enjoy a meat pie!
Richmond was actually predicted to lose the game to Hawthorn, but they pulled out a win and we got to see a pretty close game. 
Lauren took this picture of Matt, Peter and me toward the end of the game. One thing I like about footy is that it's pretty easy to follow and the time never stops so the game doesn't seem as long. I generally like watching American football, but the games can go on FOREVER; two minutes of play can take a half hour. 

Overall, we had a fun day celebrating and a relaxing weekend. We once again played some virtual golf on Sunday and I'm pretty sure Peter is eager to hit the actual golf course come spring. 
I graduated from moccasins to combat boots, and it didn't help my swing one bit. I even managed to lose a ball...somehow. 

On Thursday, we are ditching the end of winter here in Melbourne for some warmer weather in Brisbane and we can't wait!



Welcome! I started Laura and Peter Down Under in July 2014 when my husband and I moved from the States to Melbourne, Australia for his job. I blog about expat life, our travels, food, and whatever else comes to mind. Follow along on our adventures Down Under!



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