Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

I am still in the process of downloading all of our vacation photos from the digital camera and GoPro, so I thought I'd do a quick weekend recap in the meantime. I actually had big plans to organize all our photos and get some posts done on Sunday, but our Saturday night activities resulted in a pretty lazy day during which we accomplished absolutely nothing.

Friday night Peter and I ate at Hanoi Hannah, a Vietnamese restaurant I had been to with some friends awhile back. It was as good as I remembered and we went early enough that there was no wait. We ordered spring rolls which I didn't take a picture of, this Vietnamese slaw: 
And these wraps:
It was all so good and surprisingly filling. The restaurant was really dark so I apologize for the less than stellar iPhone photos but you get the idea. 

On Saturday we attended a party at a friend's place celebrating the one year mark of their move to Australia. They even purchased red solo cups for the occasion-not easy to find here! 
Lauren and I discovered this broomstick magnet and it was the star of the night. 
The party was tons of fun-perhaps a bit too fun-and Peter and I ended up spending Sunday on the couch. Peter did leave the apartment once to buy us super sized Gatorades. #productive.

I started my Monday in the worst way possible- an 8 am dentist appointment to replace an old filling. Aside from that fun experience, our week is looking pretty low key. I should have some vacation posts put together in the next couple days, so look for those! 


  1. I am not sure you can fully appreciate the broomstick magnet in a state of complete sobriety!



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