Saturday, August 8, 2015


I am just popping in for a quick vacation update before we head to bed. Tomorrow we are up bright and early for a tour of Fraser Island, which is supposed to be really pretty, so we are excited for that! 

We flew into Brisbane on Thursday midday and spent two days there. Below are a few pictures and a quick recap of our first day; the second day warrants its own post, as we did a couple of fun activities (koala holding!!!). Follow along on Instagram (laura_christian89) for real-time updates :). 

After picking up our rental car, we checked into the hotel and spent a few minutes in the room before setting out for lunch. We walked down into the CBD to look for a place to eat and settled on a burger restaurant that was really good. 
It was a cute little place in a laneway complete with a blanket at every table, you know, for the frigid Brisbane winters. It was a perfect 70 degrees and sunny both days we were there, which felt so nice after a few rainy winter months in Melbourne. I definitely did not use the blanket. 

Just before dinner we decided to take a quick tour of the city and drove through the CBD, Southbank, and then sort of got lost and ended up north of the city. We drove along the river for a few miles before turning back and got to see the beginning of a nice sunset. 
We dropped the car off at our hotel and walked back downtown to grab some dinner, passing through King George Square and this pretty building on the way. 
On our walk home from dinner we were commenting on how Brisbane felt much quieter, smaller, and more laid back than Melbourne when we stumbled upon a fight between five men that had spilled into the street. We hadn't walked another block before three cop cars pulled down the street, so I assume the issue was resolved. So, that was some excitement for 7 pm on a Thursday! We ended up retiring to the hotel early and catching an episode of The Bachelor Australia, which wasn't a bad way to end our first day of vacation! 


  1. Welcome to Brisbane! Can't wait to hear about Frazier Island, we haven't ventured there yet.

    1. We loved Brisbane! And of course had an awesome time on Fraser Island and Hervey Bay! I'll try to get my pictures downloaded and throw together a post this week :)

  2. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun place to go! Makes me want to plan a vacation! :)

    1. It was so fun! There are so many awesome places to check out within a few hours drive of Brisbane as well!



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