Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Drawing Class

The other day, Sylvie suggested that we try a drawing class. She found a place in the city that was just $13 so we figured it was worth a shot. Turns out, it wasn't so much a class as it was two hours of "life drawing." If you don't know what that means, neither did I. Shortly before the class, I checked the Facebook page for the address and realized that "life drawing" meant that the class consisted of drawing a nude model in various poses. 

I'm a somewhat awkward person in that I  am unable to control my laughter in situations in which it is wildly inappropriate to laugh. I was semi-afraid this would be one of those situations and I would get kicked out of the class for not being a serious enough artist, but luckily that didn't happen! I'm happy to say I maintained a straight face the entire time. 

It was actually a really fun experience. I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but it was cool to try something new and I figured out that I am in fact capable of drawing something more complex than a stick figure. And yes, I was the least hipster person there by a wide margin. 
I obviously didn't take photos during the actual modeling, but the woman posed on that crate in the middle of the room and everyone drew in a circle. All the materials were provided thankfully. 
We sat near this uber-hipster with the white frosted tips (hello 1998) who made it clear he was a REAL serious artist. Katie asked him if he drew often and he looked at her like she was the least intelligent being on the planet and gave a deadpan "yes, I draw" response. Alright then. 

The class started with the woman doing a series of short 30 second poses. That was super hard, so I was happy when we moved on to five and ten minute poses. 

Here's what I drew:
I thought staring at/drawing a naked woman might be weird but it really wasn't as uncomfortable as I expected. I found that once I focused on drawing there wasn't any time to think about the fact that the woman was naked. 
Next time I'll probably wear something less basic than a pink button up, but maybe the serious artists just thought I was super ironic.

Officially adding "artist" to my resume! 


  1. That's a pretty good drawing, actually. An unsuspected talent! I'm still bitter about the D- I got on my drawing of a penguin in fourth grade.

    1. Hinderakers dominate in a lot of areas, but art doesn't tend to be one of them! I'm pretty sure it's impossible to give a 4th grader a D- these days...



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