Monday, July 6, 2015

Helping Katie Move, etc.

The weather in Melbourne continues to be chilly and dreary most days, but that didn't stop us from having a lot of fun this week! Last Sunday Sylvie and I helped Katie move into a new place. It was really quite impressive- the three of us managed to move a couch, refrigerator and wardrobe with only a couple near disasters. There was a moment when I thought either the wardrobe or one of my arms was going to break, but turns out we're all good. 

Before we were ready to start the heavy lifting we stopped by Rustica Sourdough for brunch. This breakfast platter was really filling and so good, plus the price included the juice which is usually $728 by itself:
Katie rented this gem and thankfully she's a skilled left-side driver so we felt pretty confident cramming into the front:
Katie's new place! It's a super cute and nicely redone row house in Brunswick near lots of good restaurants. Each house has a name, which is displayed on an arch right where I cut the top of this picture off, because you know, stalkers. But it really adds character to the house.  
I envy this large kitchen! 
After dropping off a load of stuff I volunteered to sit in the back. It was not a smooth ride, in case you were wondering. 
Sylvie saving a parking space. This is about the extent to which we helped. There was a lot of this going on:
Katie and the fridge's former owner carrying it to the van. I did hold Katie's purse for her, so obviously I was a huge help and really imperative to the whole process. 

A few more pictures from this week:
Southbank at night is one of my favorite Melbourne sights. 

On Tuesday I had an awesome dinner at Rice Paper Scissors. The service was horrible and they messed up our order, but the food made up for it! 
Amazing beef ribs

On Wednesday my friend Genevieve introduced me to meat pies. They're really popular here in Australia but I had yet to try one. 
I approve! They're kind of like a chicken pot pies but with beef in the middle.

On Wednesday night we headed to trivia at a bar on Chapel Street with some friends. Super official:
Apart from the Australia-specific questions we didn't do too bad! I suppose that's to be expected when our team consists of four people from England, Peter, and me.

Now I'm off to Canberra for the weekend! We have a couple stops planned along the way, so I'm hoping for some good sightseeing and exploring. 


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