Saturday, June 20, 2015

Winter Night Market

The Queen Victoria Market hosts the Winter Night Market each Wednesday, much like it did in the summer, complete with food stalls and entertainment. I checked it out this week with a few friends and although the popular vendors had long lines, the cooler temperatures definitely deterred some people. This was a nice change from the Summer Night Market during which I remember feeling like I was at the Minnesota State Fair. For those to whom that means nothing, imagine wall-to-wall people as far as the eye can see. And 90 degrees.  
Some ambiguous artwork I don't "get" but looks cool nonetheless. I always wonder who had the idea for this kind of thing. Like "hey guys let's hang a bunch of wood crates (?) from that pole". Or something. 
Creepin on the people next to us. 
Some of the permanent shops were open for the night markets as well. There's a photographer in one of these stalls that sells the most amazing pictures of Melbourne and the surrounding area. We will definitely end up purchasing a print at some point.

The lines for the barbecue I was eyeing were a bit lengthy, so we settled for Sloppy Joe's. I was curious to see what they would look like, as it's not a food that really exists here (my Australian friends had never heard of a sloppy joe). Turns out these were more like bolognese on a hoagie bun with french fries on top. So, not a sloppy joe. 
Sure that these poser sloppy joes wouldn't compare to the real deal, I ordered the macaroni and cheese instead. 
This was literally Kraft macaroni with crumbs on top and it was glorious. At home I would probably revolt if I ordered macaroni and got Kraft, but I was actually happy about it since I essentially lived off Easy Mac in college and haven't really had it since.

The Winter Night Market is on every Wednesday until the end of August, so if you're in the area I'd definitely recommend checking it out!


  1. Don't think I have ever seen Mac and cheese for sale before! Thought it was just something you made at home!

    1. I've seen boxed max and cheese in the grocery store a few times but that's it! Must be primarily an American thing!

  2. Oh how I miss GOOD mac and cheese. The blue box just isn't the same here. :)



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