Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Minnesota Trip

I returned to Melbourne yesterday from my brief trip home to Minnesota. Someone remind me next time that one week is really not enough time to adjust to the time difference before turning around to go back again! The jet lag didn't stop me from having a great week with friends and family, though. Here are some photos from the trip!
I hoarded all the raspberries at my mom's of those little Driscoll's packages is $8-$10 in Australia!
I was so excited to see my mom's dog, Leo! He's so cute and my sister and I talk semi-seriously about cloning him.
On Wednesday we had a birthday dinner for my mom, whose actual birthday was on Tuesday. I failed to take any pictures other than this cute one of my sister and my cousin's baby, who I got to meet for the first time!  
Hanging out with my college friends is always a highlight-these people are the greatest and always make me feel welcome when I come home!
My youngest sister's graduation party was Friday, so my middle sister and I gave her a graduation gift beforehand. Everyone needs a good selfie stick! 
Testing out the gift. It's sure to be a hit at college parties. 
Kathryn's graduation shrine-a staple at grad parties. I'm not sure if these things are a big deal in other parts of the country/world, but our grad parties tend to be a big production. You generally order tons of food (my sister chose tacos and ice cream) and invite everyone you know to stop by. Side note: I made that 'Kathryn' sign so I'm basically a creative genius...follow me on Pinterest!
My sisters and I before the party started. 
The pianist, who added a really classy touch to the party! 
Near the end, we ran out of cheese for the tacos. My amazing high school friend Jenny jumped right into grating more.
Jenny sent me this timehop today. My most vivid memory from my own graduation experience (8 years ago-scary) was eating these cheese sandwiches at Jenny's house on the last day of high school. Good times. 
One of the best parts of going home is digging up old photo gems like this one. I think I was 6, somewhere in London, and was a complete gangster. 
Saturday was the actual graduation. I can't believe my youngest sister is a high school graduate! Time flies. 
The scoreboard in the gym, set to 2015. I remember this exact same touch at my own 2007 graduation from the same high school. I am old. 
Blurry photo of Kathryn accepting her diploma! The iPhone camera is just useless as soon as you try to zoom in.
The graduate. 
One of my high school friends has a sister graduating this year as well, so she was in town from Washington DC. The best part was that she brought her baby, who is now more like a toddler, but I finally got to meet him this weekend! He's super cute. So glad I got to see a few high school friends!
More blurry photos! My parents live in a suburb of Minneapolis, but get a large amount of wildlife for a city. I saw a big turtle crossing the road a few minutes before this random deer ran through the cul-de-sac. 
On Sunday night, my stepmom made these amazing pork burgers. Very hipster/Melbourne! 
Monday came way too soon and before I knew it I was back at the airport, at the gate with this unattended cat. 
The lady finally came back and then let the thing out of the carrier for some unknown reason. I dislike cats, and this one was especially creepy. Look at its eye!

I was so happy to be able to make it home for my mom's birthday and sister's graduation and hope to see some of these people in Melbourne in the next year (hint: come visit us, people!). Now I'm off to sleep for a few days.


  1. That photo of you in London was indeed taken when you were six. It was at the Ritz, where we had just had tea.

    1. That's right! Tea at the Ritz: totally epic!



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