Friday, May 15, 2015

We're Back!

We arrived home from our vacation to Airlie Beach late this afternoon. We enjoyed a relatively painless Tiger flight save for a group of drunk bros next to us. They were eventually cut off by the flight attendant after the guy we shared a row with tried to order his fifth Victoria Bitter...on a three hour flight. How do I always end up sitting next to these people? After about 15 minutes I was seriously contemplating trying to switch seats with the guy next to the crying baby a few rows up.

Also, our boarding pass was a receipt. I know Tiger is a budget airline, but really?!
The epitome of janky. 

Anyway, our trip was nothing short of totally epic and I was able to check quite a few things off my bucket list! I will do in-depth posts about each of our activities, but those will have to come later this weekend when I have a chance to sift through the hundreds of photos we took between our two iPhones, underwater camera, and GoPro. For now, I'll just recap yesterday, our last day in Airlie Beach. We had absolutely perfect weather Sunday-Wednesday, but Thursday was a bit chillier and very windy. Luckily we were all done with our planned activities, so we slept in, got lunch, and sat by the hotel pool for a few hours. 

Throughout the day, Peter was exchanging tweets with the Queensland Twitter account (Airlie Beach is in Queensland for those who aren't familiar with Australian geography). Peter had posted a photo of me getting ready to snorkel and the Queensland account responded, asking about our trip. Much to our surprise, they offered to buy us dinner on our last night! We chose Mr. Bones, a pizza and tapas restaurant that came highly recommended by my friend Courtney. I cannot rave about this restaurant enough. If you live anywhere within driving distance of Airlie Beach, or are ever visiting, you MUST check it out. 

We ordered chicken spring rolls, braised beef cheek, and a salami pizza. Neither Peter nor I were able to pick a favorite-it was all SO good. That burger on the bottom right is actually a dessert burger! It featured doughnuts for the bun, a jelly slice for cheese, a chunk of chocolate for the beef, strawberries for the tomato and cream for mayonnaise. The fries were some kind of dough and were amazing. 
So, THANK YOU whoever is behind the Queensland Twitter account! Anyone in Australia (and abroad) should follow them on Twitter if you don't already. Also, they have a fabulous Instagram account that will give you serious vacation inspiration and is definitely worth a follow.

And now I'm off to catch up on some TV shows and unpack!


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