Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good Eats

Taking a quick break from blogging about our Airlie Beach vacation to bring you some random food pictures. Because there is nothing better in this world than food and Melbourne has the best food in the world. And that's a fact.

Local Tap House- St. Kilda

First up, I met some friends for brunch at the Local Taphouse in St. Kilda last week, which happened to be Good Beer Week in Melbourne. I don't really like beer but I have to say this fruity variety wasn't bad! 
We enjoyed one of the last warm, sunny days of fall on the rooftop before winter really set in. It's now a chilly 50-60 degrees during the day, which I wouldn't have considered cold before moving to Australia, but now feels like -100. I'm officially wimpy. Next week I'll be on my way back to Minnesota for a few days and am looking forward to some summer weather! Oh the irony. 
I went back and forth between ordering real food or dessert, but let's be honest, it wasn't really a contest. Dessert wins every time. So I had dessert and beer for brunch...healthy start to the day. 

The Golden Triangle- South Yarra

My friend Lauren has raved about this place for months, so Peter and I had high hopes and it definitely delivered. The portions were huge, the prices were good, and this Pad Thai was among the best I've ever had.  

Brunetti- CBD

After dinner we headed to Brunetti in the city for some dessert. I was so full I couldn't finish this chocolate tart, which I think is a first ever. 

Manchester Press- CBD

This one was from before our trip, but I really liked this bagel place and never posted about it so here it is!
Soooooo good. My go-to brunch order is avocado on toast so I was interested to see if it would be as good on a bagel and it definitely was. There was also a good selection of bagel sandwiches that I want to go back and try at some point.

I Actually Cooked

Lastly, Peter and I made this Cajun Chicken Pasta this week. Peter said it was really good...I've had what can only be described as the most stubborn cold ever all week and haven't been able to taste much, so I'll take his word for it. 

And for something non-food-related, I met Sylvie in Federation Square last night before going to her place to watch Married at First Sight- the Australian version just premiered last week and is the most fabulous show ever. Basically, two people who have never met get married. It sounds a bit far-fetched but they are analyzed and matched by psychologists and relationship experts so most of the couples actually seem to be a good match and hit it off. It's only week two though, so we'll see if the marriages are actually successful. 

Anyway, I took a couple pictures while waiting for Sylvie because Federation Square at night is just amazing. 

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