Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family in Melbourne!

Peter and I have had a great time showing my mom and grandparents around Melbourne these past few weeks. Here are some highlights so far:
Upon arriving in Melbourne we took my family to the Prahran Market, near their hotel in South Yarra, to pick up some groceries. They enjoyed looking at all the fresh produce and we even met a butcher who knew of Northfield, Minnesota! It's rare that we run into someone who can locate Minnesota on a map, let alone identify a small town. 
Mom, Grandpa and Grandma waiting for the tram on the way to our apartment. 
Mom and Grandpa enjoying drinks outside- something they can't do in February at home! 
Introducing my mom to the greatest dessert in Melbourne- and that's saying something- flourless chocolate cake at Adriano Zumbo. Their hotel is right around the corner, and I may or may not have chosen it for this reason alone. 
Classic tourist photo in front of Flinders Street Station. 
Mother/daughter selfie while waiting for the Visitor Shuttle.
The Visitor Shuttle was a great deal. For only $5/day you could hop on and off at any of the 13 stops around the city. We got off at the Queen Victoria Market and wandered around for a few hours, picking up some souvenirs along the way. 
Testing out the cupcakes at my favorite place, Little Cupcakes. Still trying to figure out how to make "cupcake tasting" a career. 
Grandpa, me, and Mom on the Lock Bridge over the Yarra River. 
View from the 88th floor of the Eureka Skydeck. You can pretty much see the whole city and beyond from this vantage point, so it's a great place to bring visitors! 
My grandpa at the Eureka Skydeck (and a Harry Potter doppelgänger in the background). 
We took my mom to LuxBite, a dessert shop in South Yarra. 
This was on Valentine's Day, so we of course ordered the heart cake. 
We visited St. Kilda Beach on a particularly hot day. 
We moved to the shade pretty quickly! 
Sitting under a palm tree on the beach- not a bad way to spend the day. 
We enjoyed a cheese plate and some fries at a beachfront restaurant. 
It was too hot NOT to be in the shade! 
The view from the balcony of my family's hotel in South Yarra, looking toward the ocean.


  1. GIVE ME ALL THE MACARONS! But seriously, they look amazing.

  2. Isn't having family over and getting to show them around the best?

    1. Yes! So fun to show them where we live and for them to finally see in person all the things we talk about!



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