Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend Pictures

On Friday, I decided to bake some Christmas cookies in an effort to get us into the spirit a bit more. I'm not a huge cook/baker and have been known to screw up boxed macaroni and cheese, but these chocolate Crinkle Cookies turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. Mine were pretty thin compared to the pictures in the recipe for some reason, but they did taste good! 
Side note: powdered sugar is called icing sugar here. We figured that out after wandering the store for a good half hour and getting a lot of blank stares when we asked for powdered sugar.
On Friday night, some friends and I went to a comedy show at a club downtown and then out for drinks. 

The Melbourne Christmas tree on Swanston Street. I've been meaning to write about this for awhile, but the number of children out and about downtown at 10 or 11 pm is shocking. Peter and I were roaming around a bit on Saturday night and couldn't believe the sheer number of toddlers and babies still out-and awake! I think school holidays just started so that could be part of it, but this is something we don't usually see at home that I've noticed quite a bit here. 
There was a huge crowd, again mostly children, gathered across the street watching an animated Christmas display projected onto this building. It was really pretty! 

Today we went out for burgers and then went to the beach to hang out and watch the sun set. It was quite windy and chilly, but any weather that doesn't require snow boots in December is a win in my book. 
The sun just before it disappeared.

Our first visitor arrives this week! Peter's brother Sam will be here on Thursday, and we're really excited to have him here for Christmas and New Years! We have some fun things planned while he's here and can't wait to show him around Melbourne. 


  1. It's called icing sugar in the UK too!

  2. We got crazy looks when we asked for powered sugar also. The people that work at Coles know us by name because we are having to ask all the time, "What is the Australian name for...."

    1. Yes! There are so many differences that I didn't expect...Australian is its own kind of English ;).

  3. Love that big Christmas tree! I just saw that cookie recipe on pinterest and was debating trying it!

    1. The cookies were SO good! I'm thinking of making more, but know that I would eat them all within a day or two, so perhaps it's best that I don't :).



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