Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hanukkah Party

Tonight Sylvie hosted a traditional Hanukkah dinner and gift exchange. Lauren and I decided to make jelly filled doughnuts, known as Sufganiyot, which I can't pronounce to save my life. It took quite awhile and we had to improvise a bit, but the end result was worth it.
Since neither Lauren nor I own a rolling pin, we used a tube of cling wrap. Worked like a charm! 

On a random note, i haven't been able to find sticks of butter here which is rather frustrating. It all comes in blocks, with tick marks indicating every 50 g. This is inconvenient because 1) you have to open a huge block instead of just a stick and 2) one cup is equal to JUST under the standard block here. Which means I often either have to add too much butter or am left with a tiny sliver, which annoys me. Also, it didn't occur to me that Lauren wouldn't own measuring cups or spoons, so good thing I had them as we were following an American recipe!
We used wine glasses to cut circles and then let the dough sit for awhile. 
The recipe said to fry four at a time. However, it also said to use a deep fry thermometer, as the oil was supposed to reach a specific temperature. We couldn't find a thermometer that registered above about 120 degrees Celcius, so we used the one we had until it got too hot to read and kind of went from there. We figured out pretty quickly that this plan was not as flawless as we thought it was. We probably should have just tested one to start...
First batch...could pass for chocolate doughnuts. 

We eventually got the temperature right and were really proud of the end result! 
A table of traditional Hanukkah food (and some cake pops). 
Plate #1
Sylvie lighting the candles. 
Happy Hanukkah!

It was a fun night with friends and I ended up getting a box of chocolates in the gift exchange, so life is good. Peter's brother Sam is currently on a flight to a Melbourne and will arrive tomorrow morning. We can't wait for our first visitor to arrive! 


  1. How fun!

  2. What a fun idea! My brother came the first week we moved here so he knew as much as I did about our new home. I'm ready to have our first visitor since we have settled in. It will be so nice to have family with you for Christmas!

    1. Yes, we are so excited to have family here since we aren't able to make it home until January! It will still be strange though, as I can't get used to the summer weather!

  3. The Hanukkah Dinner looks very interesting and an opportunity to try some new things.
    Your adaptatioln of the rolling pin and cookie cutter are excellent and the finished products
    look very tasty.

    1. Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma! It was fun to try some new foods :)

  4. Everything looks so amazing, especially the donuts you made!

  5. Thank you!! It was fun to make something new! The doughnuts were surprisingly easy, but a bit time-consuming.



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