Monday, August 7, 2017

A Goat and Froyo

This weekend was pretty epic, mostly because of our Sunday activities, which I'll get to in a second. 

I was driving Ali's car the other day and turned around to get something in the back seat and saw this hilariously ironic ice scraper. I try to explain to friends at work the torture that is scraping off a snow-and-ice-covered car in the dark at 6 am, but I'm not sure they could totally appreacite it. I suppose an accurate description would be Texas in the summer, but the opposite. The end of July was BRUTAL, so we're happy that it's been a little bit cooler than normal this week. Today the high was only 89 and that was perfect. 
On Friday, I went to a work event up in Round Rock to see their minor leauge baseball team play. I'll admit that I went mainly for the free food and drinks, but we did watch a little bit of baseball too ;). It was fun, but when I heard that there would be transportation provided, I pictured some sort of coach bus or something. As one usually does. Wrong. It was a straight up renovated school bus/party bus that did not have air conditioning. WHAT??? To make it worse, I was wearing jeans and the team t-shirt they gave us that was long-sleeved. See below. It was hot, to say the least. If you follow me on Snapchat, you got a glimpse of the festivities.
This part of the post is going to be wholly uninteresting so feel free to skip over, but I just have to talk about it because it's been a theme of my life the past few weeks. My camera is still broken. After getting a new one put in, replacing the lens, then resetting the whole phone, and finally getting a brand new phone. IT STILL DOES THIS:
When I went back to the Apple Store today (third Monday in a row- they recognized me this time), they were totally confused and didn't know what to do. Apparently someone at Apple is calling me tomorrow to walk me through a deeper re-set to see if the issue is somewhere in the software on my iCloud. Or something. I have no idea. All I know is I can't take pictures in which there are lights and it really drives me crazy.

On Sunday, we embarked on a pilgrimage of sorts and it was everything we hoped for. There's a coffee shop out in Lakeway, which is west of downtown, called Civil Goat. This place has become a bit famous on social media lately because they have a cute mascot that roams the premesis. His name is 'Butters the Goat' and he has an Instagram account, for those who like to follow animals (a surprisingly large portion of the population). We got there around 10:30 and there was no goat to be found. We ordered coffee and waited a bit, but after about an hour we finally asked if Butters was going to be making an appearance. The boyond-hipster girl working there was not impressed with our questions, but let us know ever so kindly that he would probably show up in the afternoon.

We decided to move along to our next stop, but had to take a quick lunch break at Torchy's first, because any good pilgriamge includes queso. After Torchy's, I noticed we were about a mile away from a house I'd found for sale earlier this week, so I wanted to drive by quick to scope out the neighborhood. It was such a cute place, recently re-done and sort of modern looking on the outside. If we were ready to buy right this second, it would have been hard to pass up!

After that quick detour, we went down the road for the second stop of our pilgrimage: Froco Frozen Yogurt. Hear me out. This particular yogurt shop is of interest because it's owned by none other than Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham. I shamelessly love Teen Mom, and since Farrah lives just outside of Austin, we're always on the lookout. Unfortunately she wasn't there today. According to her Instagram story she was in Vegas doing some 'Back Door Teen Mom' event. If you don't know what that's in reference to, I wouldn't google it.

The poor girl working behind the counter was like 'oh no, more Teen Mom groupies' when we walked in. She can probably spot our kind from a mile away. She claimed to not know who Farrah was before she started working there, which I at first highly doubted. But then I thought about it a bit more and realized that it is entirely possible that a 16 year old missed the whole Teen Mom thing. Further confirmation that I am old.

Anyway, she took our photo for the Instagram account, and Farrah commented, so basically we're famous now.

Because we are insane, we decided to swing by Civil Goat one mroe time on the way home to see if Butters had arrived. He had. The hipster was none too thrilled to see us again, basic bitch-ing over the goat, but such is life. Butters was adorable. And I'm now inspired to buy a goat once we get a house. Peter is not on board as of now, so please leave your pro-goat comments below. 

So, that's about it. We saw a goat and ate froyo and it was glorious.


  1. Pretty sure we used to take that same party bus to dirty 6th in college... oh wait it was just a school bus, not tricked out at all. Peter- get with the goat program geez.

    1. HAHA- ours said something like "Austin's best discount party bus!" on the side so it was pretty bleak. I need some more reinforcement on the goats.... he's not having it.

  2. We are enjoying some cooler temps too! And this pregnant mama is pretty thankful for that! The goat is too cute and you can't beat froyo!

    1. Oh my gosh. I can't imagine how you're coping in 100 degrees! Froyo definitely helps though!



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