Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekending: Watching/Reading/Eating

We have pretty much officially made it through winter without ever turning on the heat. We came close a few days in early December when we were a bit shocked (bummed?) to learn it actually does get cold in Texas. Occasionally. After a few days of 30-40 degrees, it never quite 'wintered' again, and we've now been experiencing 70s and 80s earlier than usual. In fact, we've used the air conditioning more than once this month already. Hey, I'm not complaining! Generally, we've had amazing weather this winter, with most days in the 60s, which is really hard to complain about.

I haven't really taken many pictures lately, partially because I spend most of my waking hours at work these days, and partially because my phone is forever running out of space and I haven't taken the time to clear out old apps and photos. So, I thought I'd keep it short and recap our weekend/the week in terms of what we're watching/reading/eating.


I'm obsessed with the Bachelor this season, as always. I actually don't really like Nick very much. He redeemed himself a bit on Bachelor in Paradise last season, but being the best on BIP is sort of like being the best inmate in jail. The bar is super low. So, he's blah, but I do love the drama. Last week when Jasmine went on that rant about choking him? Weird, to say the least. And then the Corinne drama. I actually am Team Corinne. Sure, she's ridiculous but the other girls are mean to her and I somehow find her likeable, especially when she naps through rose ceremonies. Oh, and Nick clearly likes her so that's worth something. If you didn't know, Corinne was in a 2Chainz video circa 2011 and it's absolutely worth watching on repeat.


This is actually the only picture I've taken in the past few days. I'm reading this book, which I like so far. Between all of our moves in the last few years, we did a lot of getting rid of stuff, but it's kind of shocking how quickly it accumulates when you have the space. I need to start purging stuff again!


We discovered an AMAZING brunch place on Saturday morning that I can't believe we didn't find earlier. Kerbey Lane Cafe is an Austin chain that's open 24/7 and has all-day breakfast and $2 mimosas. It's sort of like Perkins, but classier. It's pretty much heaven. Again, I somehow didn't take a picture but trust me when I say it's the greatest place and anyone who visits us is probably going to go.

That's all for now!


  1. I love Kerby Lane, but I've actually only been there for dinner and their queso! Those $2 mimosas sound like a deal though! And this Texas weather really has been so crazy! Hot one minute and then cold the next!

    1. I just had their queso the other day and it is AMAZING. I will definitely be back.

  2. I miss Texas!! Where in Texas do you live!? I lived in Houston for 2 years and LOVED it!

    1. I live in Austin and love it! I haven't spent much time in Houston yet, but we will have to make a trip down there before long.

  3. That book helped me get rid of a few more things in my closet that I had been holding on to!

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