Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Big News!

It's official...after two glorious years in Melbourne, we are moving back to the States!

When we moved to Australia in July 2014 we planned to stay for two years (the length of our visas) and return to the States around this time. However, earlier this year, Peter's company offered the option to extend our visas for another year, which we immediately accepted. We both love living in Melbourne and weren't (and still aren't) ready to leave. We basically planned to stay until a promotion came up for Peter back in the States, which we thought would likely happen mid-2017. We were really excited about the opportunity to stay a bit longer than our original plan and fit in some more travel and adventure...I mean really, who would turn down an extra year in Australia?!

Well, long story short, that promotion in the States came up earlier than expected, and Peter was offered and accepted the job a few weeks ago. This is great news for Peter's career, but not so great news for our bonus year in Australia...we will be moving back to the States in a little under two weeks. We are really excited about Peter's new position, being closer to family and friends, and starting a brand new journey. We aren't so excited about leaving Melbourne, which has been a fabulous home for us these last two years, and the friends we have made here.

I haven't yet mentioned where we will be moving because.....we don't know. Peter's new job will be remote, as in he will be working out of a home office 50% of the time and traveling 50% of the time. He will have a portfolio of six or so accounts spread out around the States, so our location is pretty flexible, as long as we are living near a major airport. So, we have a few ideas about where we'd like to live, and what would make the most sense with Peter's new position, but I'll leave you in a bit of suspense until our plans are a little more solid ;). The plan for now is to stay with family in Minneapolis for a few weeks until we know where we're headed!

I plan to continue blogging about recent trips (Japan and Tasmania) and the moving process, and then I'm not really sure what will become of this blog? We'll see what happens. Also, if anyone in the Melbourne area is interested in buying a bunch of IKEA furniture....hit me up!


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