Monday, September 14, 2015

Spring is Here!

I still have one more post to get up from our trip to Brisbane, which I will try to have ready soon. Turns out I took about 7,000 pictures on several different cameras during our whale watching cruise, so I'm still sifting through those and trying to narrow it down to the truly blog-worthy photos.

In the meantime, spring has finally arrived in Melbourne! Yesterday was a beautiful 75 degrees, and Peter and I took advantage of the weather by picking up some groceries and wandering the Queen Vic Market and then walking to the Woolworth's grocery store in South Melbourne. By the way, I finally got a granny trolley, which is by far the best invention ever. 
Not the most flattering photo ever taken of me, but the only photo I have of the granny trolley at this point. It's literally life-changing. My friend Lauren got it for me for free when it was returned to the store where she works. Score! We can now buy a lot more groceries at once given that we don't have to carry them by hand. I don't even care that 93% of the people you see toting these around the city are women over the age of 70. 

Today hit 80 degrees and for the first time in a long time, I was uncomfortably hot walking around/on public transport. They just don't crank the air condition here the same way we do at home! It seemed like I was the only one suffering though; I spotted multiple people wearing puffer coats. Like a coat I would reserve for mid-winter in Minnesota. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would wear that today, or how they didn't actually melt. It will forever remain a mystery. Meanwhile, I was sweating it out in a t-shirt. 

Peter and I have been getting out a bit more at night now that the weather is nice. I took a few photos this weekend on our walk back from dinner in the city. 
It's supposed to rain tonight and then cool off a bit for the rest of the week, but it won't be long before we are back at the beach! 


  1. I totally understand what you mean about cranking the air con here! I'm freezing all the time in restaurants, shops, motels, cinemas, anywhere inside really. I guess it's just what you're used to!

    1. Yes! You have to bring a sweater everywhere. Movie theaters are the worst! It's funny because I've never really been subject to the heat until I moved here. At home it was hot in the summer, but I drove my air conditioned car to a super air conditioned store, house, etc. so there wasn't as much time to be hot. Here I walk everywhere and am sweating within five minutes of leaving my apartment!

  2. The aircon thing made it onto this list that I just happened to see in my Facebook feed!

    1. That list is so on point haha. So we aren't the only ones who notice a difference! Thanks for sharing it :).



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