Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another Trip to Phillip Island

One of the places we were most excited to show my mom and grandparents was Phillip Island. We have been a couple of times now, and love that it's a short enough drive from the city to take visitors on a day trip. Because everyone who visits Australia must feed a kangaroo, we headed to Phillip Island Wildlife Park first. It's pretty much the best deal ever: you get entrance and a bag of food for $17. In comparison, the Melbourne Zoo is something like $30 and you don't get to feed anything. So, wildlife park for the win. First we hung out with some Wallabies. 
My mom feeding her first wallaby! 
On this trip it occurred to me that these guys resemble overgrown rats. I love them anyway. 
My grandpa is a wallaby whisperer. They were obsessed with him! 
Those stupid ducks in the background kept trying to steal the food from the kangaroos. 
Epic kangaroo selfies. 
Mom and her new best friend! 
So cute! This guy followed us around most of the park. It must have been a low-traffic weekend because the kangaroos seemed hungry and energetic; last time we went they were lazier and less enthusiastic to eat. It was definitely our best trip to the wildlife park thus far in terms of the number of animals we got to feed. My mom and grandparents enjoyed it a lot-turns out feeding kangaroos is fun at any age!

Next we headed to the Nobbies. I'm sure I've shared similar pictures in my past Phillip Island posts, but this scenery never gets old so here are some more: 

We left the Nobbies and continued our drive down a road that winds through a bunch of brush and happily stumbled upon a wallaby drinking from a puddle on the road! It was fun for our guests to see one in the wild. Contrary to popular belief, kangaroos and wallabies aren't just hopping around all over. You have to go quite a ways out of the city to spot one, and they're really only active in the late afternoon. 

We drove by this beautiful beach:
 If this isn't paradise I don't know what is.

We decided against staying for the Penguin Parade, Phillip Island's most famous attraction, since it doesn't take place until sunset and we planned to see the little penguins in the city at St. Kilda Pier. We will definitely continue to take visitors to Phillip Island, as it was a highlight of my mom and grandparent's trip and a good place to fit in a bunch of quintessentially Australian activities in one day! 



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