Tuesday, September 5, 2017

End of Summer

It's kind of hard to believe that summer is basically over. It won't feel like fall until at least November here, but Labor Day has passed and school has started so I guess that makes it official! Here's a few thing we've been up to lately:

A couple weekends ago, Ali, my coworker Nicole, and I went to a concert after work. Before we moved to Austin, I had never heard of Cody Johnson, but now we've been to two of his shows so I guess that makes us official fans?! He's a 'Texas country' singer which is apparently NOT the same thing as 'regular country' but I can't really tell you the difference.

Most of the other concertgoers looked something like this. We were in the minority and obviously need to acquire cowboy hats asap. 
 A sea of unironic cowboy hats. Love it.

A friend from work sent me a Blue Apron deal for a free week trial. We picked out our meals from their choices for that week and our shipment arrived last Tuesday. We really liked all three meals. The first was some mix of minced beef and peppers, the second a beef, eggplant, and rice dish with Indian flavors and the third meal was baked chicken with sweet potatoes.
Some of my friends wanted to know if we would order again and while we really did like the recipes,  it's a pretty expensive service ($10/person/meal at full price) and you still have to do quite a bit of cooking. They are definitely not all super quick and easy recipes. I can see this being a great option for people who travel a lot or a single person who would benefit from receiving the exact amount of an item needed for a recipe so there's not a lot of extra leftovers. We definitely won't use this as our primary means of cooking, but it's a fun option that we might try again. Plus, you learn some new flavors, combinations, and techniques so it's kind of fun!

This last weekend, my dad was in town for a convention in San Antonio. His conferenced ended Friday, but he stayed until Saturday morning in order to have dinner with Peter and me on Friday night. We went to Wildfish Seafood Grille and it was quite good. We didn't make a reservation, so the only available seating was outside. I was a little nervous that, like at any point in the last 4 months, it would be unbearably hot. Luckily, it's been cooling down just enough at night that it was actually really pleasant out. I ordered the salmon:
And since my dad's birthday is later this month, the waitress brought him a dessert on the house. I picked it out, because dessert is my area of expertise, and it was so good. We don't get to see family as much as we'd like living so far away, so it was really fun to be able to get together with my dad even if just for a few hours!
Ali had friends in town this weekend, so she showed them all of the must-see sights around Austin. On Saturday night we went to Top Golf and despite our lack of skill, we had so much fun. Actually, Ali's friends were pretty good golfers, but Ali and I looked more like this...great form!
And two memes to end the post, because this is just hilarious: 
I tweeted this while watching Men Tell All and it really is so true. You don't really even have to be a Bachelor fan to understand this one.

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  1. that no kids thing is hilarious. i tried one of those meal service thingys, but i'm with you. they are way too expensive and not nearly enough food for my husband lol. all your meals look good though! didn't know there was a difference between texas country and normal country lol and love all the cowboy hats. this might make me sound like an idiot but why are they all wearing the cowboy hats inside? i don't understand hats inside, cowboy or not.

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